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Economy Rent a Car
Address: 3356 Elmbank Rd, Mississauga, ON L4V 1A6, Canada
Phone: (905) 671-9444
State: Ontario
County: Peel Regional Municipality
City: Mississauga
Zip Code: L4V 1A6

Opening Hours

Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

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Today I met one of the worst persons you can find. He was so rude and a crook. After I made a deal to leave my vehicle there for 16 days and paid in full at the time of the reservation, he turns around and said "we didn't charge you enough, it will cost you another $5.00 per day", if you don't like it go somewhere else. Of course I had no time to go somewhere else, because we had a flight to catch. Then, he demanded I leave my keys with him, I refused because I had a lot of stuff inside and didn't want anyone stealing, he said you either leave the keys here or go somewhere else. I had no choice but to leave the keys with him. Coming back to pick up my vehicle were better .... he wasn't there. I would Never recommend this place to anyone. Pay a bit more and get good service, I know I will.
Stay away from this company. They take forever to check you in when picking up your rental. The rentals they provide have a lot of prior damage and they are behind on their maintenance. The vehicle I had had a sticker on the door saying the next oil change was required at 60 000 km but the mileage was 64 000 when I was driving it. When returning my rental they were trying to charge me for prior damage on the vehicle. They also charge ridiculous fees like third party insurance which is against the law - the rentals already have insurance on them so there is no need to purchase additional insurance. Their staff are extremely rude and disrespectful.
Horrible! Totally my fault for not checking reviews first! $290 quote turned into almost $700. They are a bunch of crooks. 3 others in the rental office at the same time were having similar up charges. The manager was very polite the entire time of being call out for this deceptive practice. I take that as a sign that it is a completely normal and everyday occurrence. After realizing I had zero options I finally signed off on the rental. The first car they offered me had body damage on every panel, food warper, garbage in the trunk and gross stains all over the interior. After rejecting that car, they offer one only slightly cleaner and with slightly less body damage. Truly, it’s my fault for not recognizing this shady operation from the CBC Marketplace episode.
Not worthy the money!! First of all they did not accept my insurance coverage I purchased via Expedia! They put me their own insurance where I had to pay 500$ more for the rental! After that they did as usual a pre-authorization of 1000 $ to my credit card for the rental etc. They gave me the last junk of car they had in the lot! I have attached the pictures and honestly speaking I was in shock! The people working in the rental car company complete out of concept and not customer friendly etc, to arrogant and very rough! Maybe where they come originally have to be that way but not in Canada ! After 3 days have to exchange the car since the one they gave me had major issues and beeping all around. When I return the car after the rental, they should release the pre-authorized amount of my credit card freeing this since car has been return complete and without any damage. As of now the 1000$ are still blocking my credit card. Anyway get a rental car with another company! Is not worth the money, and people working there should be managed and trained accordingly to work with full paying customers! Do not rent!!
First of all we did not realize this is not located at the airport but a 5 minute drive away, second of all so many other fees on top of that that make no sense it amounted to an additional 62% of the original cost of our rental. Insanity. It also was advertised on Hotwire as unlimited km if outside of the city which when we went to pick up the vehicle they told us limited 200km a day which is not sufficient for our needs at this time and that 200km per day applies province wide which is what they consider “local” the whole province of Ontario. Then the car the guy gives us has cracked hub caps, dented side and bumper on front and back, dent on the other side and cosmetic scratches all over. It’s dirty. There is a note on screen inside saying precollison safe functions are off due to malfunction and to take to dealer. So many problems with the car. The guy was less then polite at the desk. Have rented many cars in the past but this is by far the most infuriating experience I’ve ever had. We have been ripped off and given trash in return. Steer clear of this company. I called back to speak with someone since the car is not safe to drive and it was the same person who we got the car from. He hung up on me mid sentence and I was not being rude to them in any way … I called back again and asked for a manager and he put me on hold for 10 minutes. I called back again and finally spoke with a lady who told me the manager is not even in today and to call back tomorrow!!
PLEASE DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY! They are a complete scam and should not be in business. They provide vehicles that are not safe and have a lot of prior damages. They did not disclose that the bumper on the car they gave us was detached at almost all points but simply "pushed" back into place. It wasn't until we were about 2 hours away that we could hear a horrible rattling noise and when we checked, the bumper had popped out of place. We immediately called them as it became apparent that they would try to claim we damaged their vehicle and take our $1000 deposit. They were less than helpful and offered no compensation. Please do your research beforehand and go with a reputable company.
First, I was given a car model different from the reservation. I purchased CDW insurance by paying $29.95 a day. The car incurred an overnight parking scratch by a black car. Black paint scratch visible. Now, they want to charge over a thousand deductible. Are these people doing honest business? I will never trust this rental business.
Booked through booking.com Fox rent a car. Horrible horrible experience. Total scam! First you can’t find this car rental in the airport. You will have to spend hours calling customer to get direction to take shuttle there. Secondly, bad service when you finally arrive the rental. Front desk lady forced you to pay car insurance $30/day otherwise you won’t get the car. You end up paying way more than you booked price. Stay away from this rental car. Scam scam scam!
The worst car rental experience of my life! Really should’ve read all the reviews here before going but time was a factor. Poor customer service, hidden charges, upsells… this dump has it all! The car I got was a filthy mess inside and scratched up almost everywhere on the outside. Nobody spends even a second in taking care of the vehicles here. They put a $1000 safety deposit on your card… $1000!!! Never had to do that ever. Unlimited mileage is a scam because they only allow “local renters” 200 kms a day. This place is a nightmare and downright corrupt. It’s 2022, renting a damn car shouldn’t have to be this complicated. Do yourself a favour and stay as far away from this place as possible. Pay a little more somewhere else and get treated with respect and good service.
If I could give 0 stars I would. I never knew a rental car experience could be as horrible as it was here. I wish I read reviews before renting from here, but again I never knew a rental experience could be this bad. Customer service is non existent, wait times are horrible. I traveled with my two small children and the experience couldn’t be any worse and alarming. 1- the shuttle service to the rental from the airport took forever. We waited approximately 20 minutes for the shuttle, in the cold rain after calling twice. Then going to the airport I literally couldn’t believe what was happening. All the passengers had to load their own luggage, remove their own luggage. At one point passengers were struggling to open and close the shuttle doors and the two employees in the front seat didn’t budge to assist. I asked one of them, can help us open the doors, his reply was “I’m not working right now”. 2- Upon arrival at the poorly run , dirty rental lot, we waited another 30+ minutes on line. When we finally got to the counter these people also falsely stated we HAD to get their insurance. These people are running a scam. Google them- they have already been investigated with hidden cameras. 3- When booking my reservation, I indicated I needed 2 car seats. Upon arrival, the car seats were thrown in the corner and we had to carry the seats out to the car and install the seats ourselves- mind you we are also lugging two kids and luggage. From my experience, when booking a rental with car seats, the seats have ALWAYS been installed and ready upon arrival. Not here. My biggest complaint- the condition of these car seats. FILTHY OLD EXPIRED car seats that in no way should be used. This is what this company provided to me to drive my babies in. This business needs to be shut down. Aside from the scamming and nickel & diming customers, they are putting people in danger.
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