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Dunk 'N Dip
Address: 600 Burnhamthorpe Road W Unit 4 , Mississauga L5B 2C4, ON, CA
Phone: (905) 990-5522
State: ON
City: Mississauga
Zip Code: L5B 2C4

Opening Hours

Monday: 12:00-00:00
Tuesday: 12:00-00:00
Wednesday: 12:00-00:00
Thursday: 12:00-00:00
Friday: 12:00-00:00
Saturday: 12:00-00:00
Sunday: 12:00-00:00

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Great ambience and quick service but the food was below average. We ordered their special red velvet pancake and the fruit pancake. Out of all the pancakes that I have had in my life this was the worst and we had to leave it half way. The cakes were hard and dry and didn’t have any flavor at all. Also it was way too overpriced. We didn’t try anything else in their menu so cannot comment about it. Try elsewhere if you want good pancakes. Cheers
Dunkin Dip? Just Dip... we walked into this place and it was blazing hot... I don't know if the AC was broken or what but whatever a little sweat doesn't hurt anyone. We sat down and didn't receive menus until a while, I had to tell my girlfriend to grab the menus which were on a stand behind her. We ordered our regular Dark and Dip. It was made well and came out fairly quickly. It tasted amazing! But our ice cream was melting so quickly because of how hot it was in the place. My friend ordered a glass of milk and was charged $3 for literally the smallest glass they could give us...not sure if they didn't give him the right size but it was the same size as our water cups. On the menu it seems to be larger. We all finished our meal and requested the bill. There was six of us and I guess because we were a big party they added the 15% gratuity to the bill. They didn't mention this to us when we got all our bills and we all didn't realize. We ended up giving our servers 30% tip when the service it self was very bad. Felt like the Server just scammed us.
Seems to me that it's super overpriced for what it serves. Had the red velvet cheesecake, it was good but seemed "old" not fresh. Service was definitely slow. It does have a nice atmosphere though. Was nice to try it out but not going back, I paid 22 bucks for a small slice of cheesecake and a caffe moka.
I went here in July and it's a nice place to get dessert, although some items are pricey. I enjoyed the ice cream and they had friendly staff. They also have tables inside, if you choose to dine in.
Updated review: Been getting visiting this dessert place over the years. It's been my favourite. However, my most recent visit surprised me. Service and quality declined. Ordering the desserts off the menu was simple. However, selecting the gelato was difficult because they no longer label their gelato in the display. You would not know which flavours are which. The dessert was as usually good. The waffles were soft and the gelato was delicious. But the problem is that they did not give you any forks for the waffles and crepes. Or any tissue. Presentation wise, the desserts are pretty poorly presented. They aren't as nice as they used to be. The coffee was decent. But pricey. However, the tea costed $5 and the quality was so poor. I'm paying a high price for tea and my cup of tea comes with a broken tea bag. All the tea leaves were floating on the top. I informed the waiter about the tea leaves and she said the tea is supposed to be like that. I suppose I'm supposed to drink the tea leaves too right... ? Because that's how we drink tea.. I asked her for something to drain the tea leaves she said they don't have anything that could do that. All she can offer me is a new cup of hot water... Hot water... not even a new cup of tea. When I moved my tea bag over to the new cup of water. The tea bag already lost flavour, the tea pretty much tasted like nothing. I had to also hold the broken tea bag up to prevent the tea leaves from going into the new cup. I mean like this is extremely poor service. I'm paying $5 for a cup of tea. That's not cheap. The least you can offer is a new cup of tea with a new tea bag...... not just hot water. Typical pricing. The place is pricey. The bill came up to about $60 for two desserts, 2 coffees and 1 tea. Dessert is still okay but will not recommend ordering the teas. Service is pretty slow and bad though... First review 4/5 stars Probably one of my favourite dessert place in Mississauga. This place is pretty small, there's limited seating so there's always a wait on Fridays and weekends. The uniqueness of this place is that they have four chocolate fountains. They have a milk chocolate, a white chocolate, a dark chocolate and a caramel chocolate fountain. Most of their desserts have a choice of these chocolates drizzled on top. I usually ask for my chocolate on the side because they usually over drizzle. This makes the dessert extremely sweet. Their gelato here are pretty good. Love their hazelnut and salted caramel gelato. The gelato is smooth with no ice bites or sugar crystals. Nicely blended and made. I've also tried their strawberry gelato, this one didn't fit my liking. However, I've also tried the strawberry cheesecake gelato. This one was delicious. Price wise, this place is pretty pricey. It's like the price of a meal almost. I usually come for desserts but they also offer a variety of savoury dishes. There's paid parking along streets. But limited.
My friends and I go here so often!! Home fries are amazing and the gelato flavour are great. When its busy the servers get flustered however they are nice.
Awesome place, awesome menu. My wife wanted to eat all they had in their menu. Surely going again and again.
Atmosphere is amazing. Prices are reasonable considering how much they give you. Staff is remarkable
The portions were big, the presentation was incredible and the food tasted great, highly recommend this place.
Love their desert. Best in town. Their savory food was terrible I ordered a sandwich and the bread was burnt it was just gross. However I washed it down with a fruit crepe and that was the cherry on too. I will come back for more sweet dessert. The environment was very nice and clean. However the service was very slow. There was only two people in the restaurant myself and my friend but it felt like it took forever for our food to come out.
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