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"Since 2017, NUTTEA has been developing nut-related diets and continuously improving the quality of nuts. The featured five nuts are baked and cold-pressed into our signature Nut Mylk, which is not only beneficial to human health but also creates a rich flavor, making it a better choice to mix with tea, coffee or fresh fruits.Proud to be the first NUTTEA store in Canada since 2022."
Address: 8204 Gateway Boulevard NW , Edmonton T6E 4B2, AB, CA
Phone: (780) 918-4832
State: AB
City: Edmonton
Zip Code: T6E 4B2

Opening Hours

Monday: 11:30-21:00
Tuesday: 11:30-21:00
Wednesday: 11:30-21:00
Thursday: 11:30-21:00
Friday: 11:30-21:30
Saturday: 10:30-21:30
Sunday: 09:30-21:00

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The signature Nut Mylk is developed by cold pressing and baking five different kinds of nuts. made with no additives or preservatives. I ordered Earl Grey with Chocolate But Cream, with less ice and less sweet. It was mind-blowing how strong the tea taste even with ice. Pretty interesting to eat the cream first, then drink the tea itself, and mix them all. 1 drink, 3 experiences If you have any questions, they're happy to answer them. Just give them a try Vegetarian options: No dairy products
Went to their grand opening during the weekend. Staffs and owner were all really nice. They have 30+ choices of drinks on the menu and you also get to customize drinks to the way you want! They offer free samples for those who have hard time making decisions I tried their grapefruit tea with agar tapioca. I was surprised that they use real and fresh grapefruit for the drink! Very tasty and refreshing
Very helpful to new comers, informative on the menu and how the drinks are put together. he was very enthusiastic about the the nut cream that looked really delicious. NO REAL MILK. Very vegan friendly : Red on the menu means it can be hot , and the blue, cold . *there are seasonal drinks, I got the ginger mylk tea, limited time offer* Atmosphere is really cute and cozy, would make a cute date to sit inside. It's located in the basement which adds to a roomy feel. The way the sunlight stretches into the tea shop is magical, try to come in around mid day when the sun is most high.
This was a very unique drink experience! I was highly recommended to try one of the nut cream drinks and the nut cream was delicious! Texture was exactly cream but it was vegan. Love the sprinkle of nuts on top to add a little bit of texture. I got Jasmine green tea with nut cream. The Jasmine tea was fragrant. When the nut cream was mixed in, it changed the texture more than the flavour. I ordered 50% sweet because that's my default when I get bubble tea, and the drink turned out not really sweet at all. Perhaps 100% sweet wouldn't be too sweet after all. I'd love to try another drink here in the future. Also love that the biodegradable straws aren't made of paper so they're very sturdy.
Finally not a guilty treat, I love that they use real brewed tea and fresh nut milk which I can taste both separately and blends so sweetly together. It’s definitely unique and brings me back in the future weekends with no doubt. Prime location with little corner hiding away from the crowd, wonder how long would this remain a hidden gem.
Cute and cozy location with very nice staff! I got a red grape tea with nut cream. Personally, the taste of the tea was a bit acquired for me, but it still tasted rich and of good quality. The nut cream is tasty. I’d go again to maybe try something different!Recommended dishesWith Nut Cream
I got the Four Seasons tea w/ Nut Cream and tapioca, and it was delicious! Love the smoothness and flavour of the nut cream, as well as the freshness of the brewed tea. Love that it comes with a little spoon to taste the cream separately from the tea. Fantastic bbt option for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan. I can't wait to go back and try the other tea flavours. Edit: Tried the Grape Tea with Nut Cream and it was equally as fantastic. Love that they use real grapes to make the tea, so fresh!!
I tried the cold Ruby Black Tea with less sugar and less ice topped with original cream and added tapioca. This is a great vegan/dairy-free alternative for drinks! The nut cream is amazing and they include a spoon to enjoy it in a fun way. I especially like the add-ons like tapioca in addition to the 3 different flavoured creams you can get. The staff are friendly and helpful and there is an accessible entrance for those who cant use the stairs.
Ordered the ruby black nut milk tea with half sugar. The milk tea was okay. It was not as cold as we would’ve liked and we should’ve gotten it sweeter. The nut milk added hints of nutty flavour to the tea and the tea was quite strong but not overpowering. It’s a decent drink but it wasn’t our preference on how we like to enjoy milk tea, which is okay. For those who enjoy a vegan option for milk tea, this might be the spot for you!
The nut cream is thick & tasty! You won’t notice it’s vegan. Plus, a very Instagram worthy location. Gluten free options were basically unlimited. I’ll have to go back another time because they were so busy opening week that they were short on ingredients in the evening. The strawberry nut cream is next on my list!
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