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"Spectrum Health Care is Ontario's leading provider of innovative home health care services. We offer a range of client-centred health care solutions which include: home care nursing, personal and home support, physiotherapy, foot care and corporate wellness. Our motto at Spectrum Health Care is “Always with you”, it’s a testament to our dedication to provide clients with exceptional health services that are personalized, flexible, accountable and reliable."
Address: 1080 Howe St , Vancouver V6Z 2T1, BC, CA
Phone: (604) 681-1080
State: Vancouver
County: BC
Zip Code: V6Z 2T1

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Second terrible experience for my mom. The nurse you have Sasha has to be one of the worst and Harriet on Wednesday October 5th had to be one of the meanest and rudest and was the reason. I canceled my mom's service with your company .The only good experience was with one psw she was the best.
The communication in this company is terrible, especially through Christmas and holidays. Wait time on the phone can be 45 minutes or more to find out if a nurse is coming. While on hold, they play a repulsive loud medley, with a woman who sounds like she's being tortured. This continues to play over and over again until finally someone answers or you hang up. Communication between nurses and COORDINATOR 's is terrible because one doesn't know what the other one is doing. Wait time for a nurse to arrive can be 4 to 5 hours and that's not acceptable when you are waiting for hydration or IV. I would suggest that Spectrum Health Care examine these areas of complaints and improve communication lines with less wait time. As a client, I am very frustrated being forced to listen to the poorly recorded voice and piano, the long wait is appalling.
Stay far away from this agency there staff do not care about there clients. The psw are awful they treat the elderly people badly.. they never show up on time leave early and don't help them do anything. When you contact the agency they do nothing about it. So unprofessionally run there so many better agencies out there to use.
Spectrum used to be good, but not anymore! I've had terrible experiences with psws always in a rush & don't have a clue how to work with physically disabled people! Spectrum is going down the drain. There are some good psws but hard to get
Nurse Amy refused me my post chemo injection that she was aware was part of my regular chemo treatment saying they don't have an order and that CACc systems were down. She flatly refused and didn't even place a call to verify the orders. How then would the pharmacy have dispensed the injection if no doctors orders? I will never go back to this so called nursing company.
Very unreliable service my wife always experienced rude incompetent staff but there’s a good psw there my wife had once they cannot provide regular staff some psw don’t do beds which should be part of their job my wife is disabled and her care includes light cleaning my wife can bathe by herself all she needs is the dressing that’s why if she is taking shower she ask psw to fix the bed to my surprise they don’t do it with other providers they know how to care for clients I always assist new psw I wonder if they could give my wife a regular one it’s so disappointing for us .
We have a regular PSW who takes care of my mom every morning and afternoon. Her name is Arcili and she is fantastic. My mom can’t wait for her to show up. She’s punctual, caring and passionate towards her work. Our evening visits are from another company who’s service is terrible. Half the time they claim they can never find anyone. I’m trying to get Spectrum to cover all 3 of my mom’s daily visits. Hopefully that will happen !
Do not work with this agency ever. They are horrible liar love to make stories especially Supervisor Nancy and the coordinator Romessa...
Their home care nurses are generally very kind, however scheduling has always been a nightmare. I'm receiving treatment long term with a fixed 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off schedule from the doctor. Most of the days I don't know when the nurse is coming and spend the day waiting, which I do understand the nurses are super busy, so some waiting on my end is understandable. However, sometimes they forget me completely off the schedule and I spend the whole day waiting and wondering if they forgot me. When my primary nurse is working, she never forgets me, but when she is off, the scheduler seems to forget me even though I've confirmed my treatment cycle numerous times. Yesterday my treatment cycle started again, I waited until afternoon and called. I was told I'm not on the schedule at all and then the scheduler asked if she can just schedule me the following day instead because it was close to her end of the day even though they still have nurses working both day and afternoon shifts. Who cares about my life extending treatment prescribed by a doctor if it makes it easier for the scheduler who forgot me in the first place, right? I did eventually receive treatment late in the evening after I insisted.
Worst phone call ever are u a nurse or psw? No. I would like to register i should call hr . That is the worst approach ever . Pls get better receptionist
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Reviews, get directions and information Spectrum Health Care.

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