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Scarborough Go Station
Address: 3615 St Clair Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1N, Canada
Phone: (416) 869-3200
State: Ontario
County: Toronto Division
City: Toronto

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I will admit, the trains themselves are quite adequate, almost reminding me of an airplane's layout but in a train, and the free Wi-Fi is shockingly chock full of free goodies that I couldn't possibly turn down. The station itself is well maintained as well.
Convient, simple and easy to get to with plenty of surface buses. Used this to get to and from the Scarborough Bluffs and so it worked well. Friendly GO rep got my bearings straight for getting from the East to West for buses.
Construction had restricted access to the East side of the platforms during the summer '20. But construction has completed and the entire platform is empty. However with GO running less coaches on the trains, be cognizant of where you stand. The station itself is small and a little outdated but it's clean and not very crowded. The station manager is very friendly and say hello or good morning to everyone - nice personal touch.
Station is nice and clean. Could not find parking in the lot after arriving at 9:30AM on a Thursday. Parked in the residential street Atlee only to find $30 parking ticket on my dash because it was over 3 hours! No sign indicating that. All the cars on the other street got tickets as well. What I thought I saved on parking is now being spent on this ticket! :
There are no signs in the tunnel to the train tracks telling passengers how to get to either train. Is it too much to ask GO to identify which staircase passengers need to use to get to the eastbound train instead of trying all 3? I may have missed the tv screen displaying which track to find, but can't someone simply put a sign by the stairs saying "Stairs to Westbound Train" and "Stairs to Eastbound Train"? Is there anyone at GO who can make GO transit functional? The maps for the Lakeshore trains are 4 pages long and have to be downloaded as there's often no printed schedules available and they're not always posted on TV screens. Why aren't GO Station screens standardized? Is there anyone in GO management who does their job with the slightest bit of consideration for the passengers who pay their salaries?
They don’t have a single presto machine on the platform 1. I tried to go down to platform 3 from platform 1 and both sets of doors were locked. The doors were locked to the main station entrance at 10:50pm. That seems like a serious safety concern if you needed to leave in an emergency. By the time I go back to platform 3 to try a different set of stairs, the train had arrived. I don’t understand where you’re expected to pay if you can’t event find a presto machine.
inadequate parking facility. Lately I am not getting a single parking spot there. I used to catch the Union Station train at 9:30 but these days no luck. I even reached at 9:10 to get the train at 9:30, still no parking spot available. The authority should monitor if the parking spots are misused, or they should increase the parking capacity. Other than this issue, the staffs are very good and helpful in the counter.
Ever since they changed the fare model system people are coming in from other stations because they don't want to have to pay based on where they live. The parking lot has become a nightmare and GO is doing nothing about it! I've called and complained - emailed them pictures of cars parked in the middle of the parking lot - nothing.
The normal go stop with basic stuff available..... clean washroom..... phone and news on tv..... what else you can expect..... there is free parking as well which I find is good.... specially if you are going to downtown you can park here and go it will only cost you 5 dollar..... thank you......
Good place for transit.
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Directions to Scarborough Go Station with public transportation

St Clair Ave East at Midland Ave 10 meters
Midland Ave at St Clair Ave East South Side 30 meters
Midland Ave at St Clair Ave East 50 meters
Midland Ave at St Clair Ave East 50 meters
St Clair Ave East at Midland Ave 50 meters

Reviews, get directions and information Scarborough Go Station.

Scarborough transit station

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