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El Furniture Warehouse
"Premium Dive Bar serving up tap beer, classic cocktails & pub grub with live DJ’s."
Address: 10765 Jasper Avenue , Edmonton T5J 2A5, AB, CA
State: AB
City: Edmonton
Zip Code: T5J 2A5

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The food and drinks are cheap and delicious. We loved the steak tacos the most. My friends liked the spaghetti but I found it a bit bland. They did have lots of meatballs though and I feel the value for what we got was worth it. Definitely going back!Food: 5/5
This is the coolest place downtown Edmonton. The menu and price point was fantastic for a fun wing night out with friends. Cheap enough to try more than a few items but the portions were normal size. I got a burger and Caesar salad and it’s was $8.50. Like what.!? Very impressed. Of course the name of the spot throws you off, thinking it’s a furniture store. But we asked the waitress and the owner wanted it to be a spot that “if you knew, you knew” Check it out!
Not sure about the ratings that have been left thus far as this place is still experiencing its soft open. It's official opening should be coming up shortly here. For those that don't know, Warehouse is a brand based out of Ontario that provides really good atmosphere, friendly staff, and fairly inexpensive food and drinks. I visited the Toronto location several times. Each location has a very familiar vibe and layout, and this one's no different. So far during their soft open it's been fairly interactive, fun, and the food and drinks have been on point. I will be returning as I love this brand, and I'm glad that I made it to Edmonton. Wheelchair accessibility: They don't have any barriers at the front for entry. The only issue you're going to see is I believe the only bathrooms available are located in the basement. There might be one hidden on the main floor.
Overall had a decent experience. Server was friendly. I did have one item covered in onions which was not listed as an ingredient on the menu. They took it back and made it again without and were good about it. Food was priced reasonably and was tasty. All the menu items are 10 bucks or less. I did order two items as I was pretty hungry. Décor is pretty interesting as well. I would come back again if I was staying in the area.
My friend and I had dinner here. The potato skin and chicken wings were *chefs kiss* I really enjoyed the spicy chicken wings, the fries were okay but not fantastic. However, my friend ordered the Mushroom Swiss Burger but didn’t enjoy it because the crispy onions tasted burnt. The price was reasonable and I’ll definitely go again.
We were heading to watch a band down the street and decided to stop in for a bite. Plates are cheap most under $10, not huge by any means but for the price, it's plenty. Beer selection is kinda lacking, but there are lots of cocktails and spirits to choose from. Interior is very quirky, lots of interesting pictures on the wall, neon signs and fairy lights. Very cool spot. $30 for dinner, a pint and tip...Will definitely be back but hope they beef up their beer selection a little bit
Rating 3* for now, and this is also during their soft launch, so bear that in mind. The price is indicative of the quality of the food aka, you get what you pay for. I ordered the Smokeshow burger w/ fries. It was fine, the bun aside. This is my recommendation for improvement - I am sure the bun was exactly what it was supposed to be, but it tasted like something Safeway threw out the night before. Spending $1-2 more to do something good in-house, or from a better quality bakery would go a LONG way here. Takeout adds a $2 extra charge. I suspect the food prices are break-even/small loss to get you in the door & ordering drinks; & hell, why not! Once the patio is done, I'll be doing exactly that! I'll be back to try something else, but I will not be ordering the burgers unless they find a different bun. P.S. Did I mention fix the bun? Please!
I been wanting to come to this place since I saw it open but it was always out of my way for whatever reason. Me and my cousin finally came here about 2 weeks ago and I can say that I wasn't disappointed. The service - This is the only restaurant I've been to lately where the hostess sits outside and greets you. A few days before I actually came to eat I spoke to a hostess going by the name "Peach". She was nice and quite informative. The one who seated me did not give her name but she was friendly too. I feel bad because I forgot my server's name, she was great. Not sure if she just liked the idea of being recorded or if she's always like that but I found her to be a gem. She deserves a few raises because she makes people want to come back. The place - The atmosphere inside is very busy but in a friendly way with lively people. Though this next part is likely by design to make you mingle with people but I feel as though some of the seats are too close to the next table. If I took the initial seat the hostess sat me at, my bum would've rubbed against the girl's back that was sitting behind me everytime i sat up. Happy I got seated at a more spacious area. The music was a little loud and I swear they only played rock, country and pop until halfway into my visit here before they put on about 3 rap songs and 2 hip hop songs. I won't hold the music choices against them though. The food - first thing I gotta say is that they don't use debit. Only cash or credit card and I was told that's so this establishment can keep the prices low. Considering the prices......I believe more places should use this practice because I though everything was better than just "reasonably priced". On to the food. So, I started with some tacos for an appetizer and my main was a chicken sandwich with Caesar salad on the side, both of these were good, no complaints. The dessert was cheesecake, which I love all forms of no matter what. That being said, I don't know if it was mint or another herb on top but instead of chopping it up, they should just lay 2 full leaves on top. It's alot more esthetically pleasing. The drinks - this is clearly where they accel at this place. All the drinks I had tasted very good, usually I would have something to complain about in terms of the alcohol amount or just the taste of the cocktail but this one place showed me something good in every drink I had. Good job on that. Closing remarks - somewhat loud music but still a decent playlist, good food, great service, great drinks, easy to access location. Nothing much to complain about but this place is more of a bar than a restaurant so temper down your wardobe as such and majority of the crowd on that day were young, not sure if that's the norm here or not I recommend coming here for the service over everything else but this place is solid all around, you won't be disappointed and you might make a friend or two.
Black bean + yam tacos were GREAT, especially at a price of $6.95 for three. Everything on the menu is under $10 and personally I love smaller portions for a lower price - you can try multiple items or just have a nice snack with less waste. The cocktails were also very tasty, tried the strawberry basil gin smash, watermelon jalapeño mojito and the floor is guava - all delicious!
I absolutely loved this dive bar. Food was well priced & tasty, drinks were well poured & the staff was great. The interior & the music really captured me. Definitely going to visit here for a night out next time during Edmonton visitFood: 5/5
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