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Avenue Downtown
Address: 10888 Jasper Avenue NW , Edmonton T5J 1M7, AB, CA
Phone: (780) 429-0700
State: AB
City: Edmonton
Zip Code: T5J 1M7

Opening Hours

Thursday: 21:00-02:00
Friday: 21:00-02:00
Saturday: 21:00-02:00

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Had a blast here last night, visiting from Toronto and this is one of the only clubs here that has that same vibe from all the ones I’ve been to so far! The owner of this place did an amazing job with how it was designed and the whole staff of everyone who works there were super trained and professional from all the bartenders to the bouncers etc. Very good crowd of business class people who seem to be majority of the patrons there. Will highly recommend visiting this spot if your looking to network and be surrounded by that class of people.
A group of me and my friends went here and asked for bottle service. The manager was fantastic and so nice to us! However, the one friend who was supposed to pay was not feeling great so we did not want to pay for bottle service if we weren't going to use it. The staff ignored us when we went to the counter to buy drinks, and basically forced us to pay for bottle service even though we continued to explain that we were not ready to make a decision. We ended up having to pay for a bottle that we didn't even drink half of! The bouncers were very rude to us as well. I understand that we were in the bathroom for a while, but it was because my friend was throwing up and she needed the time to recover. When he said we had "5 minutes before he removes us from the establishment" we explained to him that our ride was 15 minutes away and I practically begged for the 10 minutes. He was very rude about it and insisted that if we did not leave in the 5 minutes we would be "removed by force". We then made the decision to leave right there, and was followed out the door by 2 bouncers. We ended up sitting in the pouring rain for 20 minutes. I was very disappointed by this establishment and would not recommend it to my friends. Unfortunately this place is not what it is hyped up to be.
TERRIBLE experience!! Came with a bunch of friends the other weekend and got bottle service. They scammed our money and made us pay twice. Asked another friend of mine for the money and when my friend paid they were confused thinking we already payed but assured us different. After paying we realized they charged us twice. The bartender who took our cash denied it and treated us poorly. Terrible management and they need to learn how to talk with people and to have customers wanting to come back. So sketchy, terribly run and a big scam business. Good luck to anyone Who goes there. It’s happened to us and other friends as well. Wish I could put 0 stars. Will not be recommending this club to anyone or anything.
I use to love going to this bar, the bartenders are great, music is great. However, I came on a Saturday night for a friends bday and from 12:35am-12:45, there was a increase in cover and there was no explanation except “it’s $20”. My friends went in literally like 3 minutes before me while I was waiting outside in the line up. Not knowing how much cover was, I paid - only to find out they paid half the price. I don’t understand as there was no special event going on. So disappointed in this place.
I had a great time here over the weekend. C. is a great person to get in touch with for all bar service needs. Made the magic happen and we came into DT last min. I can't say enough for the staff. Fun and full of energy. The place had a good mix of music . It had something for everybody. Again, Thanks for this!!
HORRIBLE place. DANGEROUS. It’s so tiny, the bar is way to high so the bartenders can’t hear you. The bartenders are extremely rude and stuck up and will ignore you if you’re not what they want to talk to. The crowd is sketchy. I got hit by a guy who thought he was gangster and tough the bouncers did nothing. The bouncers are all drugs dealers with anger issues looking for a fight. And they WILL assault you if you piss them off. You will get groped and grabbed by aggressive guys there it’s happened to me and all my friends, they’re allowed because they’re friends with the bouncers. They only let you in if you look a certain way or know people that work there. If not you won’t get in and will wait outside for hours watching the bouncers let his friends in all night for cash. Past 2:00 am the bouncer will sneak his friends in when it’s closed. Nobody is patted down. The only positive why people go is for the music, that’s the only reason why people go. Bad scene.
This place is horrible. Bar tenders give different prices for the same drinks. They sometimes charge 20 at the door for nothing special. The dj doesn't mix any of his music he just has a play list and most of it is stuff I herd like 10 years ago. Edmonton is hurting in the club scene and this place is why.
The bar plays good music but the bouncers let all their friends in until 1am. You'll be in line for hours but won't get in unless you know someone. Don't even try!
I don't understand how this hole in the wall has a rating of 4.9/5. I cannot believe I stood in line for forty minutes while the bouncer allowed "regulars who knew the owner" to jump in front of all the people and who were waiting first. So unprofessional. When I finally got inside the venue was small and congested. It was comparable to a renovated 7-Eleven with a big ass bar in the middle just taking up more space. Avenue was literally the worst experience. Save your time and money.
Best place to grab a drink with buddies. Bar Staff is amazing. Owner is a great guy. The bouncers are also very polite, they don't pester the crowd for no reason.
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