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"Find your nearby Taco Bell at 281 Main Street in Wallaceburg We're serving all your favorite menu items, from classic tacos and burritos, to new favorites like the Crunchwrap Supreme and Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Order ahead online for pick up at the restaurant or get it delivered."
Address: 281 Main St , Wasaga Beach L9Z 2N6, ON, CA
Phone: (416) 664-5302
State: ON
City: Wasaga Beach
Zip Code: L9Z 2N6

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I’ve lived in this town for 30 years, and I thought the last owner was bad. This is simply an unacceptable restaurant. Look at the other reviews. We all know Taco Bell is poison, but to pay and get half of what you pay for every time…I have not once received all of what I ordered. Done coming here. Can we agree as a town to let them bleed until they are gone like the last owner. Beyond bad. Garbage.
I went inside and placed my order. Waited patiently until a guy who came in 15 minutes after me got served first 15 minutes after he got there before I spoke up. Standing in front of the register for 30 minutes and never followed up on - turns out they gave my order to the drive-thru, had to wait another 15 minutes after that. Decided to try again months later - no customers in the restaurant, no cars in the parking lot, no one in the drive-thru so I figure I'll use the drive-thru this time. My order was all of 1 crunchwrap supreme and I sat at the window for almost 20 minutes before receiving it. I don't even understand how it can be possible to have this bad of a service.
The food here is consistently terrible, as is the service. And the best part is, they frequently close early so don't expect to get there last minute and be served, they will already be counting the till. Advice? Avoid.
We don't visit very often, but everytime we do the staff is always working extremely hard. Hopefully the owners appreciate them.
DISGUSTING!!!! The food was usual Taco Bell so didn’t go there expecting anything different in that sense. Maybe a bit skimpier than some of the others though! It was the actual physical premises that was appalling! You’re first greeted with an overflowing garbage can and garbage all over the parking lot… Then you get inside and there is no air conditioning making the temperature unbearable! I felt very sorry for the staff! It should have been closed. So since there was no seating inside, I went to one of the 2 spots to sit outside amongst the garbage and the table was unstable to the point where I had to keep my leg under it to keep it from tipping! I live 1/2 hour away so taking my food home to eat wasn’t an option! All of these issues are an easy fix so hopefully someone with some sort of authority reads this review!!!
Went in after work tonight and ill never be back. Waited over an hour and my orders wrong. Great job just close this location it's gone right off the cliff after the reno.
Absolutely trash. Confirmed my order 4 times in drive thru and they over charge me and forget a full meal. Best part is there is no number to call to talk to someone and then they refuse to do anything when you go back
It’s 8:48, Google says open…. But it’s been closed since around 8:30pm. On a Thursday. The woman working the window is awful to deal with and will literally give you 2 packets when you say “could you please give me LOTS of sauces, maybe 6?”. Every single time. The portions are minuscule, they’re definitely skimping to stretch profits…. Drive thru takes averaging 13 minutes yes, I timed it. A real shame, this location USED to be a good spot for a quick meals.
Employees are relatively new so obviously order time was a little slower, but the manager was super helpful. Taco Bell in general has longer wait times for whatever reason, no matter the location, so if you're not willing to wait a minute or two don't bother going to any Taco Bell. I ordered a huge order ahead of time and with some back-and-forth between some employees I ended up picking up my order on time with absolutely no problems, with every item being accounted for. Generally very good service, prices, and quality, just be a little patient with the employees, they're basically running two fast food places at once
ordered 3 times from here and everytime it takes them about 15 minutes to make a box order with nobody else in the store. food was cold. never get what I ordered correctly. everytime I go in staff gives me a hard time for bringing up their error. only person is the one white girl who is helpful. she is polite and curious. apologizes for the errors, while the 3 to 4 other employees are talking in their native tongue ranting off without a care for the issue. management get your act together! I'm here with 30 bucks of tacos and no hot sauces as requested. thanks for making it easier to not go to your business again. only reason you got 2 stars instead of one is due to the polite girl who actually deals with your customers properly.#REFUND
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Reviews, get directions and information Taco Bell.

Wasaga beach fast food

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