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Niagara Falls History Museum
"ONE OF THE BEST, MOST AFFORDABLE AND ENJOYABLE VISITS FOR PEOPLE OF ALL AGESVisitors to the Museum in the heart of Niagara Falls will experience history during their visit. While here try on a replica uniform from the War of 1812 and feel the wool and the weight of a musket, build a bridge to span the Niagara Gorge or walk the tightrope like the daredevils from the past."
Address: 5810 Ferry Street , Niagara Falls L2G 1S8, ON, CA
Phone: (905) 358-5082
State: ON
City: Niagara Falls
Zip Code: L2G 1S8

Opening Hours

Tuesday: 10:00-17:00
Wednesday: 10:00-17:00
Thursday: 10:00-21:00
Friday: 10:00-17:00
Saturday: 10:00-17:00
Sunday: 10:00-17:00

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The museum is smaller than I thought but the art was beautiful and it was so interesting learning more about the history in Niagara. The staff was lovely. We showed up 20 minutes before closing without knowing it, but they were so sweet and just let us in for free since we wouldn't have enough time to see everything.
Small little museum showcasing history of the Niagara region. Interesting displays covering important women in Niagara history, war of 1812 history, and the history of development and tourism in the area. Very passionate and friendly staff chatted with us about the museum. Worth a visit if in the area.Visited onWeekdayWait timeNo waitReservation recommendedNo
It is a nice and has interesting exhibitions. Me, my wife and the kids enjoyed so much the 1812 section which was designed in a great way where you can enjoy a short video showing recreated scenes. Also it was amazing to put on the replica uniform from the War of 1812 and carrying a riffle.. The kids enjoyed it the most. In the 2nd floor there are another exhibition that will get you immersed in the history of the iconic City of Niagara Falls. We enjoyed the most three interactive stations in this gallery that allow us to touch mother nature, span the gorge and become a daredevil. There are 4 places to park infront of the museum on the main street. And I think there is parking lot on the back we didn't try that as we parked infront of the museum . The visit may take around one hour.
On the day I went on a weekday, it was very quiet. There are three galleries to this museum. Cost of admissions is only $5 for an adult. Although the museum is small and you'll be able to finish it within the hours. If you have never been before, it's a worthwhile visit.Visited onWeekdayWait timeNo wait
For a very low price of $6 entry, this little gem of a museum has art, interactive activities and some really great staff. If you want to spend an hour of your free time, it will kill some boredom.
Very informative and very interesting to know more about this beautiful town . I do recommend and very friendly receptionist.Visited onWeekendWait timeNo waitReservation recommendedNo
It's designed well as a building, but this museum is missing elements. We were recently at the city museums for Collingwood, Peterborough and Bytown, and wish that Niagara would take a leaf from their book: explaining more deeply where each city really came from, how it was named or when was the charter granted, etc. Perhaps curators could consider writing out a timeline, at least to help initially organize thoughts on paper even if the visitor never sees it. If you do decide to blow it up to wall size, the recession lines of the falls over the centuries see 4th picture could form the basis of a single infographic, like when a science museum places pins on the rings on a tree trunk. The wall explaining the bridges was really hard to keep up with since the naming of bridges varied from panel to panel. Just one name per bridge is fine, for a newbie. A map, with date ranges for each bridge, would equally help bring this display together. Staff were friendly. The fire pumper takes up a lot of space but there's no explanation of how the thing worked. Not even in the Youtube video which was a disappointment. Curious that the shop closes 15 minutes before the museum, at 4:45 pm. This is the reverse of most places. We think that such a museum should give a history of the city -- nowhere in Niagara Falls did we experience this, and we were left asking the question, "Where did the city come from?"
Reception was lukewarm but admission is relatively inexpensive given the fantastic exhibitions. A one of a kind War of 1812 collection highly recommended for those with an interest in the matter. Thankful these intuitions exist.
Great place to see the history of this magnificent city. Spent about an hour here. Really enjoyed the display about the different prominate Women from the area.Visited onWeekendWait timeNo waitReservation recommendedNo
Very interesting interactive local museum. Good displays are well explained, and most have QR Codes you can scan for more information. If you are a history or geology buff you will enjoy it
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Reviews, get directions and information Niagara Falls History Museum.

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