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"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, step right up and witness the one, the only…Big Top Mirror & Laser Maze! Featuring 7 incredible maze experiences under 1 roof. Niagara’s grandest Mirror Maze adventure. Twizzle your way through this incredible infinity illusion, exploring the many obstacles of our Mirror Maze. Dodge, crawl and stretch your way through a labyrinth of treacherous lasers in X-Ray Man’s laser Maze. Can you escape the confusion of curtain chaos? Are you brave enough to squeeze your way through the black hole claustrophobia? Come face to face with the animals of the circus and solve the Cage Maze Puzzle. It’s the greatest show on Clifton Hill.A-Maze-ing Circus fun for all ages!"
Address: 4933 Clifton Hill , Niagara Falls L2G 3N5, ON, CA
Phone: (905) 356-2299
State: ON
City: Niagara Falls
Zip Code: L2G 3N5

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First we tried out the mirror maze, which goes from a hall of mirrors to a circus tent maze to space setting and through the 'black hole' and back into another hall of mirrors. Second area we tried is the lazer maze which is a short and sweet teamwork game. Where you both get to opposite sides of the room and hit a button simultaneously and then get back and hit two other buttons to disarm the lasers and lock. All in all good quick fun to run through!
Highly recommend the mirror maze. It’s so much fun. I went with my family and we were laughing so much and has a great time.Visited onWeekdayWait timeNo waitReservation recommendedNo
Good experience. Fun short enjoyment~ it was around $22 for mirror and laser package. Laser was like 3 minutes long and mirror took about 5-10 minutes. But it's good to stop by once Visited onWeekdayWait timeNo waitReservation recommendedNo
Great experience on the mirror maze. It was fun time inside with friends and family.Visited onPublic holidayWait timeNo waitReservation recommendedYes
Well I can only give this a 3 stars, and that is only for the Big Top maze. We came here as a family. My husband and son did the Lazer maze and my other son and I did the Big Top. The Lazer maze was a waste of a ticket. Your in and out in 2 min or less, it's only one room. Boom your done. The big Top one was fun and trippy. Much more "bang for your buck". Go here instead.
Good place to try but kids figure out everything very quickly so basically 5 min each of three games Total cosy is 56 dollars. Better stick with deals which offer you max games.
What a rip off, On the TV screen that shows the commercial of what inside this so called lazer maze is about, shows different rooms and a hall way full of lazers. We went in and there is only 1 room where we completed the challenge in less then 5 minutes. Don't waste your time and go somewhere else #fakeadvertisment
The Maze of Mirrors was really cool. Incredibly disorientating and caused you to really pay attention. We went in with our 2 young kids and had a blast.
My friends and I had the time of our lives there last Tuesday. We had a lot of fun playing spies in the Maze of Lasers. It was a completely surreal and awesome experience. The employee was so nice he made our day and the attraction wasn't expensive at all! Will definitely drop by whenever we're in Niagara Falls!
This new attraction is great! Replacing the Brick City, this new place acts sort of like a fun house. The first section is a mirror maze that is really immersive and pretty unnerving. They do ask you to wear some plastic gloves, but that's okay. The second section is a curtain based maze and gets pretty claustrophobic in a fun way. The third section is the Black Hole, which is squeezing through some inflatable tunnel and is probably the best part of the maze. There's a chicken curtain off to the side to by pass it, or go back and do it again. I did it multiple times. The "cage" maze isn't really anything except a photo op, and then it ends with the final Mirror Maze section. If you take your time, you'll enjoy it worth the price, and you can always go back and do it again for $5. That one section could be better, but it's better and more updated than most attractions.
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Reviews, get directions and information Big Top Amazing Mirror & Laser Maze.

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