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Lang Restaurant
"Relaxing ambiance, delicate food is what you are looking for in a Hot Pot & BBQ experience? Then come to our restaurant in Catharines, ON L2R 3E2, and enjoy the unique dining experience.Our menu offers an extensive selection of fresh quality meats, seafood, and vegetables for your BBQ and Hot Pot experience. We have fused the flavors from numerous regions to help bring a taste of the world to your table. Our staff is trained to create the best dining experience for all of our guests.At Lang Hot Pot & BBQ, the menu is thoughtfully put together to complement the flavors we offer. We believe that customer service is absolute. Come dine with us, and we promise a memorable experience like none you’ve ever had before."
Address: 161 Church Street , St. Catharines L2R 3E2, ON, CA
Phone: (289) 362-2288
State: ON
City: St. Catharines
Zip Code: L2R 3E2

Opening Hours

Monday: 16:00-23:00
Tuesday: 11:30-23:00
Wednesday: 11:30-23:00
Thursday: 11:30-23:00
Friday: 11:30-23:00
Saturday: 11:30-23:00
Sunday: 11:30-23:00

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Okay first time trying out this hot pot place and it was such a neat experience. Ordered 2 flavours of soup, which were both delicious. And then you get to cook the meat and vegetables the way you want.. It's all you can eat and trust me, I was stuffed, but in a good way since it wasn't greasy at all. This was the perfect spot for those cold days. The atmosphere was very contemporary, everything was clean and the waiter and waitresses were so helpful in helping me understand the whole process. The whole experience was exceptional... I actually came back 2 days later.. Vegetarian options: Unlimited vegetables and tofu... I loaded up on all the variety to vegetables including enoki mushrooms, bamboo shoots, lotus stems etc.. So unique.
Yesterday was our first time coming here and having a hotpot dining experience. We were greeted warmly by Kai and Henry. We verified our vaccination status and were promptly seated. The restaurant is spacious and decorated nicely. Kai is the absolute best. Since, it was our first time, he recommended the best broths to try a sweet broth and a spicy broth. We had a large party of 7 so, he walked us through how to choose the meats and showed us where everything was to get ready for our hotpots. We ordered our drinks. I ordered the fresh squeezed passion fruit juice. Chi brought it out to me with a smile and she was wonderful in showing us the process of what to do. The meat was sliced thin and fresh; we added our meats, veggies and noodles to the broth. It was on from there. The soy sauce and peanut dipping sauces are delicious. My favorite was the soy based sauce. The broths Kai recommended are absolutely delicious. The hotpots have become one of our absolute favorite dining experiences. After, we had our fill of the hotpots; we enjoyed the fresh fruits and the cheesecake. Kai spent time talking to us and told us about the ice cream that was available. We had the mango, chocolate and coconut. They are delicious. The mango is what I ordered and is my favorite. I would highly recommend coming here. The restaurant is all you can eat and it's definitely worth the price. We will be back again. They also have Korean BBQ and we are ready to try that as well. Thank you Chi, Kai and Henry for making our first time the best.
This place is quite cozy. The host are helpful and friendly. The food and the sauces are delicious. The experience here added great delight to our overall trip. We will return whenever we come back to Niagara-on-the-Lake
Incredible food! The whole experience is so unique. The meats are delicious. The only downfall is the noodles were never replenished while I was dining there, the teriyaki sauce was actually soya sauce, I had to ask for our drinks twice, and for an extra menu three times. Other than that, it was great.
This is an all-you-can-eat resto. Price is around $25 per person. There are 2 sections in this restaurant. There is a BBQ and a Hot Pot section. We 5 of us went to the BBQ section. You cook your own BBQ on the built-in grill in your table. It's better you order in bunches. Say, 5 beef tray 1 small tray is like one serving for 1 person, 5 pork tray, 5 fish fillet tray, 5 chicken tray. 5 shrimp, etc. In the same section, there is a cooked food table like veggie fried rice, sauteed sprout veggie, spring roll, etc. This is included in your all you can eat bill. There is also a chiller for fresh veggies you could grill like mushrooms, corn cobs, asparagus, bell peppers, etc. There is also a fruit desert chiller beside it. Ice cream is included in the all you can eat. Drinks is extra. Service charge is charged in your bill. But food is good! Service is fast! Servers are attentive and helpful! I would definitely recommend this place when you're around St. Catharines near Niagara.
My all-time fav place to eat, been going there for over a year and I'm.suoer picky with my food. So the fact you make the meat yourself is top. There is also hot potnoodles n soup however I havnt tried that yet I just love bbq. However survers are very friendly managers super helpful when anything is needed. Great place to bring the family or group of friends. Vegetarian options: Veggies and more. Kid-friendliness: Families are always there with babies and all their friends. Parking: Not hard to find just a bit small if you go on a usy day.
Food was good for AYCE. The restaurant is split into two sections - hot pot and bbq. Our experience was ok. One of the servers lost our second order and ignored us when we asked about it.
Some of my group of seven had been here before for dinner. One of them was Asian and would have given it 5 stars. Parking was plentiful. I came in hungry and soon found that this was like a fondue. You get a little bit of food, cook it for a long time, then get a few nibbles. So, off to a bad start. I am not Asian so I thought I would play it safe and order chicken. The stringy things in the dish were unrecognizable to me but were actually a very small amount of chicken. I tried salmon next. Much better but took a long time to cook. The BBQ did not seem to be very hot. I was very hungry by then so went to the back and loaded up on fried rice and spring rolls. I later had more salmon and some mushrooms. It was an entirely unsatisfying and unenjoyable experience for me. Others in my group had a better experience. The $312 bill no alcohol for four adults, two teen girls, and one nine year old shocked me. Service was slow. The servers didn't seem very interested in us. I felt cheated and would not return. If you know you like Vietnamese food , your experience will probably be better than mine.
I'm a little late for this review but am still giving it! Amazing food and wait staff, all friendly and willing to answer any questions. I ended up forgetting my wallet there after leaving. I called and they had picked up and put it somewhere safe until I returned. Not from around here but when I come back I'm definitely going again! Thank you for the wonderful food and atmosphere.
Me and my group of friends tried the BBQ side and we were extremely satisfied with the whole outing. It was our first time all trying this type of restaurant and we had a blast! Between the food being super tasty, the nice atmosphere and the great/timely service. It made out first experience exceptional. We will all be returning very soon to try the hotpot side and if the meat is the same I have a good feeling it will be just as good.
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