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"Welcome to LÀ LÁ Bakeshop Annex! We're inspired by the sights, smells, and sounds of Vietnam. Our mission is to bring Southeast Asian flavours to the world of baked goods! We also carry bottled Vietnamese coffees and teas — ready to enjoy on the go or to take back home."
Address: 346 A Bloor Street W , Toronto M5S 1W9, ON, CA
State: ON
City: Toronto
Zip Code: M5S 1W9

Opening Hours

Monday: 10:00-20:00
Tuesday: 10:00-20:00
Wednesday: 10:00-20:00
Thursday: 10:00-20:00
Friday: 10:00-21:00
Saturday: 10:00-21:00
Sunday: 10:00-21:00

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We love their delicious cakes with the most innovative flavors. I liked their Banana Peanut Butter Mini Cake. it has delicious banana flavors similar to banana bread! There's lots of yummy creamy delicious banana inside! Their Avocado Mini Cake is soooo fragrant and creamy, similar to an avocado smoothie! I loved the texture, it was light and delicious. They always surprise me with their flavours, make sure to try them out as the Banana Peanut Butter Mini Cake is their current Fall seasonal special! The mini cakes are also quite filling and half a cake was the perfect amount for me.
Proud to see another Asian-flavour inspired bakery in Toronto! Of 3 things I tried, the common theme is that the texture and flavours are quite rich and hearty, and they don’t skimp on the cream : Coconut sticky rice mini cake - let the rich coconut heaven explode in your mouth! Thick fragrant coconut cream with pandan chiffon and aromatic glutinous rice. Favourite of all 3 if I don’t care about calories! The cake is small yet so rich and heavy, best to share the joy between 2 people. Roasted seaweed roll cake - Pork floss with the lightly sweet and moist chiffon cake, how could you not love this classic combo? The custard inside the roll cake doesn’t have much taste to it, the thick consistency is a little too much/heavy for my personal liking. Lava salted egg bun - the bun lives up to its name. Plenty of runny salted egg sauce inside the soft delicate milk bun. I would prefer if the salted egg sauce is slightly more salty than sweet.
TASTY! I got the pork floss roll and coconut sticky rice and both did not disappoint. I kept dreaming about it the next day and wanted to order more. First of all the coconut sticky rice mini cake was sizeable for 2 people to share. It had different textures - chewy from the sticky rice and creamy from the whipped cream & coconut. The pork floss roll was super good as well. The butter cream inside made the Swiss roll very moist and creamy. It was a little savoury which was unique. I asked them to put a mini note on the cake but they couldn’t because the cake was too small. But they instead put two hearts on it which was a nice touch!!! Appreciate that!
Roll cake : Salty & savory Pork floss, sweet & runny custard, melt in your mouth roll cake. This harmony of all flavours & textures made me savour every single bite. Salted egg roll cake$6.25 slice vs. roasted seaweed roll cake$5.25. Other than different topping of salted egg in the sauce & crumber / roasted seaweed. They tasted like they had same roll cake & custard cream. I did not tasted strong salted egg flavour maybe it was already mixed with salty pork floss? Next time I will probably pay $1 less for roasted seaweed roll cake. Snack size Bahn Mi Croissant was spreaded with yummy patê, a good quality pork sausage & crunchy cucumber slice. Was not sure how they pickled cucumber so perfectly. Another sweet & savory treat! As advised, I heated up in my air fryer for a couple of minutes, had it slightly warm. It was perfect. Durian Mini Cake : also enjoyed real durian sauce with pandan cake, topped with butter custard. It had a good amount of durian flavour. La La celebrated their one year anniversary with 20% off promo & free tote bag and I happily enjoyed all the goodies I picked up from them. Sincerely friendly service was provided and loved yellow color decor of bakery. So cute!
Got the pork floss cake roll. Cake was fluffy and not too sweet, custard was very rich. Nice balance of sweet and savoury. Also got the tiramisu not pictured which was quite good, but not absolutely outstanding. Would absolutely go back to try other menu items!
The staff was a vet nice lady. I was excited to try this because I lived in Vietnam for 6 years and was curious. However the salted duck egg rolled cake with pork floss was a disappointment. There was no duck egg taste and the white ish cream in the middle was weird and just buttery. The cake itself was soft and tasted good but for 5.80 plus taxes, it's very over priced. I will try other items next time and hope for better but I dis not like this.
This bakery is my go-to-bakery when I’m craving some quality and affordable cakes and desserts. I have been supported these vietnamese people since they only sale online and I’m telling you the food is totally worth it and seeing how much people love their stuff make me feel happy for them too! On the opening day, i was in line to get one of the best cakes in town : it was sunny and hot but the customer service is so amazing. There are many varieties of cakes in there that will satisfy any difficult person! I love everything here! I hope you guys will keep it up and deliver more quality products
All the cakes and pastries here are so unique and delicious! It's one of the best Salted Egg Cake I've ever had, rich, balanced, sweet and savoury, delicious! Both the Salted Egg Cake and the Pandan Sticky Rice Cake are my favorites. If you've never tried a Southeast Asian bakery, this is the place to try! See detail review on Instagram @jane_wu.
They started off as an online bakery where people order through facebook. They were good and growing to this point where they have a lovely store in Downtown near Spadina. They have all kinds of cakes, but mostly focus on Asian taste. If you cannot eat Durian or Salted Egg, you still have Croissants, tiramisu but you are missing out. Recommendation: salted egg castella the mini roll is too fatty with too much cream for me, mini durian cake.
Massively underrated. Honestly, probably one of my favorite bakeries in Toronto from now on. The pandan matcha cake and the coconut sticky rice one are especially excellent. A very very strong recommend for anyone in the area.
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