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"Welcome to Jollibee Thornhill at 1 Promenade Cir - where Joy is Served Daily. We offer fast food with a Filipino twist and menu that includes fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, spaghetti, burgers, pies, and more. You’ll love our world-famous Jolly Crispy Chicken made to be next-level crispy and next-level juicy. At Jollibee in Thornhill, ON, it is our mission to serve you quality, great-tasting fast food that offers value for money. We strive to provide you with friendly and efficient service, a clean in-store environment, and easy pick-up and delivery options. We pride ourselves on our family restaurant values and invite you to experience them for yourself. Visit us today!"
Address: 1 Promenade Circle , Vaughan L4J 4P8, ON, CA
Phone: (289) 514-1810
State: ON
City: Vaughan
Zip Code: L4J 4P8

Opening Hours

Monday: 11:00-19:00
Tuesday: 11:00-19:00
Wednesday: 11:00-19:00
Thursday: 11:00-19:00
Friday: 11:00-19:00
Saturday: 11:00-19:00
Sunday: 11:00-19:00

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I mean it was okay fried chicken. Nothing terrible. They didn’t have any spicy chicken left when I ordered but asked me to wait 20 minutes for it. I was in a bit of a rush so I just said I’d take the original instead. Little did I know it would still take over 15 minutes to get my order out.. disappointing. Slow service and the food didn’t even make up for that. Chicken was fine. Sweet spaghetti was fine. Mashed potatoes were fine. Everything was just so average. Star knocked off for speed.
Love going to this location by Promenade. Always fast and friendly service. The employees take their time to ensure my order is correct. Then they give you a buzzer to alert you when your order is ready. I enjoy their bucket of fried chicken spicy or non-spicy and their famous palabok. We even got their peach mango pies for dessert. Prices are moderate and the portion sizes are good. Will be back for more!
Expensive for just OK fried chicken. Also waited so long more than 20 minutes while other people after me got their food. I did like the pineapple juice drink. Not sure what the hype is about. It's just OK. I've had better.
This location was a good experience overall, The service was excellent for our first time being at this franchise the staff was very patient and attentive, the atmosphere was good it was mostly busy at certain time periods but the service from the staff was fast so the line ups didn't really get so long, washrooms were clean and operational, it is located at a plaza but they do have their own entrance from outside along with some patio tables and chairs in case you feel like eating outside, now as for the food I would say it is good but not like what everyone brags about the chicken is good and juicy/fresh but as for flavor it tastes like what you can make at home, the sandwiches are good and do have some flavor and also juicy, the pasta not that great it is sweet a bit too sweet the mango pies are good as advertised but the banana pies not so good fries are good and fresh and their gravy is also real good the plain steamed rice is ok the mashed potatoes with gravy is also real good and seems like it is real mashed potatoes, overall it was a real good experience and I recommend to come try Jollibee.
This is their 2 pieces chickenjoy meal with fries The skin is very crispy and not dried. Large portion fries. Happy to have this dinner meal in Jollibee
The good thing about this jolibee is that it doesn't get too busy so you don't wait forever in line and there's a little more care put into the food. Got the fried chicken, yummy burger, spaghetti and mango peach pie. Everything was delicious and staff were friendly. Definitely going back here.
service was fast and nice. I like their chicken but sometimes I find it less fresh. They serve with gravy sauce to go with the chicken is always the best.
Oh my. I'm not going to lie, Popeyes Chicken now has some pretty good competition. This location is is pretty good, the spot is small but there were some seats for dining in pre-new years. The service is good they use those buzzers to pick up the orders. Prices are competitive with other chicken chains. The chicken itself though, excellent really crispy and the spicy chicken is actually spicy! The peices were also pretty juicy, the fries they have are also pretty good, not the best but good. Parking is good, afterall it is part of the mall. If you want some great fast food fried chicken I would highly recommend finding any Jollibee!
Very smelly environments, it smells like oil and grease, the chicken burger smelled the same which was not appetizing, the taste was just ok.
No pics to share, but Jollibee was actually pretty nice. I've had it a few times, but I didn't think it was anything crazy. After this time, my mind has changed maybe because I ate it nearly at 10pm, but the chicken was juicy, and was falling off the bone. Unfortunately the skin was falling off, but not a huge deal. I love the mushroom gravy. Very drinkable. The fries are ok, nothing special. The spaghetti is good too. Most people are weirded out because it's made with a banana ketchup and red pepper based saue, rather than a traditional tomato sauce, but once you accept that it's not meant to be traditional or classical, it's really nice and the sweetness is appreciated. Jollibee is also pretty affordable when compared to some fast food places as well. Kid-friendliness: Perfect for kids. Chicken and fries is perfect for 'em. Parking: It's at a mall, and at the time of night that I went, it was empty. It's busier in the day, though.
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