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Sunset Grill
"Join us for tasty breakfast or lunch made fresh daily. Friendly service and fast take-out! Proudly Canadian since 1985."
Address: 25 Stonebridge Blvd , Wasaga Beach L9Z 0C1, ON, CA
Phone: (705) 429-8787
State: ON
City: Wasaga Beach
Zip Code: L9Z 0C1

Opening Hours

Monday: 07:00-15:00
Tuesday: 07:00-15:00
Wednesday: 07:00-15:00
Thursday: 07:00-15:00
Friday: 07:00-15:00
Saturday: 07:00-15:00
Sunday: 07:00-15:00

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Not too bad to be honest. It’s a quick service all day breakfast place in a very busy area. We tried getting in for brunch time with 7 people on a Sunday when it was absolutely packed. Horrible idea on our part. We split in 2 groups which was fine by us because there were literally no more tables left. They were very nice and apologetic about the rush. The eggs were pretty good and consistent which is always nice. The bacon was really well done and the toast was good. The pancakes were very dry and almost stale but overall alright. Where the food really falls is the the home fries which are just horrendous. They are miles behind every other breakfast place. They are literally just cut up potatoes and that’s it. Not really fries but more like potato pieces which is fine if they had advertised it as such. The sunset super is honestly the best value meal out of the whole menu. It is a solid amount food and the best pick for all. The service was really great. Everyone was super nice, the food came out quickly even when they were full, and the place was well kept. Overall a great spot for breakfast in Wasaga.
Part of a large chain, you know what to expect when you order. Large portions, quick service but they did seem a little flustered. Not much in terms of atmosphere, but you're really here to have a nice brunch. Why the lack of egg bennies?!
Ate here twice during our stay in Wasaga, as it was right across the street from our hotel. The first time was awesome, the food was great and our server was very sweet and attentive. Our second time was less of a good experience. I ordered a breakfast sandwich and I misread the menu and thought it came with regular bacon but it came with peameal. I apologized for not specifying and asked if I could kindly change it when one of the other servers brought my food. I was told it would be no problem. But then our main server came back at our table with the same plate and got very confrontational with me. She said that it could not be changed, the owner absolutely refuses and it’s my fault for not being more clear. I would’ve offered to pay the difference but at that point I just felt uncomfortable and wanted to get out of there. I picked out the meat, ate the sandwich and left. I just felt like the server and owner were being unnecessarily rude for a simple mistake
My husband and myself had been here once before and had a great breakfast the first time, so we thought we would go there again, needless to say we didn’t even have a chance to place our order as we were completely ignored. No one even came to our table and we were there for a good 10-15 minutes. They had multiple staff working so they definitely weren’t short on staff. My husband even made eye contact with one of the waitresses who was in our section and she chose to ignore us. People who came in after us were served. Don’t understand that at all! We ended up walking out and going to Stacked Pancake & Breakfast House in Wasaga Beach and had an amazing breakfast with fantastic staff!
It was Sunday at 11 am. There was 1 server, 1 hostess, 2 cooks. Service was understandably very slow. It was 20 minutes before our beverages and another 45 before our food was delivered. There was a mistake with one of our orders and it took another 12 minutes to correct it. The food wasn't hot. It was very pricy...definitely not worth it...never again.
Today my friend and I was in this restaurant In wasaga Beach, stonebridge location trying to get breakfast. Was two servers Little matures and we waited for almos 15 minute for one of them take our drinks order. In this period 3 or 4 more groups went inside too! And the servers took care of all the tables but NOT ours! I put my hand up a couple times, and the servers just ignored me When one of the ladies finally decide to go for our table, was extremely rude with my and my friend…. I just feel angry very angry! And I leave the place with any food in my stomach. We drives 50 minutes from Flesherton, ON to eat in this restaurant, because I know Blue Mountain “Sunset Grill” and I know the food is great! But with this nasty, and terrible service, I highly recommend NEVER ago to wasaga “Sunset Grill” is better Stacked and Pancakes House, or Tim Hortons! that service is unacceptable, and this two ladies not need to be servers with that behaviour.
I find the staff here are very attentive, professional, and they seem to remember their regular customers which always impresses me. Standard food, although I do like Toasted Western, it's usually a pretty big sandwhich. Wheelchair accessibility: Just a standard sidewalk outside, easy to gain entry.
Absolutely delicious. Eggs Benedict were done perfect. Mom's pancakes were delicious Waitress was so nice..Food: 5/5
Great all day breakfast. They didn’t have yogurt and I switched for eggs Benedict. It was good but service, lots of locals are coming here.
I would first like to point out the sign at the front door saying welcome and please respect our staff. At first I thought what an odd thing to have to say, until three grown men standing on the patio starting yelling in the face of a teenage hostess she can’t be more then 15. He was upset that the wait was taking to long and that a table of 2 where sat before his table of 8. When he got into the restaurant he then yelled at the wait staff about not getting service fast enough. I have to say that the restaurant was full the line was crazy out side. The tables around us felt just as bad for these girls as I did. Not to mention they had their children and wives with them. the staff where great they told us how long the wait was joked around and made us feel like family. The restaurant was clean. The food was good. These girls held their own and still served this group if this where me I would have kicked them out. Kudos to the staff and management of Wasaga Sunset Grill.
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