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"Kentucky Fried Chicken. Founded by The Colonel. Practitioners of The Hard Way. Purveyors of the World's Best Chicken."
Address: 2630 James Mowatt Trail SW , Edmonton T6W 2P5, AB, CA
Phone: (587) 520-5284
State: AB
City: Edmonton
Zip Code: T6W 2P5

Opening Hours

Monday: 10:30-22:00
Tuesday: 10:30-22:00
Wednesday: 10:30-22:00
Thursday: 10:30-22:00
Friday: 10:30-22:00
Saturday: 10:30-22:00
Sunday: 10:30-22:00

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Had to wait ages over half an hour outside before I could get served. Once I was able to order I had to wait ages for the chicken. KFC cannot seem to be able to fry the chicken quick enough. There were many people waiting outside to order after I collected my order. Not good enough and won't be going back in a hurry.
Placed my order on just eat, after waiting for an hour the order was cancelled, no reason given. Then had to place order again from Morleys only to realise that waiting time is an hour, now trying to cancel the order and its showing we would still be charged. We live 15 min from shops, we would have been better off walking there. How the take away service is so bad. Wait of 2 hours just to get some stupid burgers, what's the point of these delivery services. Never order if you have hungry kids at home
Do not waste your time here for delivery with just eats or any delivery service Twice I’ve use theses and items missing and what I did receive was damaged and cold Still waiting for a refund and that was 2 weeks ago
Very disappointing This evening we are went to there I have ordered Two zinger meal boxes -one with Pepsi one Tropicana orange 8piece dipping boneless feast Two flamin wraps+some dippings For this order I wait from 11:40-12:20 The small area was full of delivery guys which block the area people can’t take their orders even can’t order! Many of them got their stuff and I keep waiting!after my complaint about that waiting I received some order completely wrong After that the black Caribbean girl tried to make and organise my stuffI can say she Woolf’s for all of them only she knows what she does!I have received my stuff with apology from her but when I get back home found out that many of my order was missing again-no boxes,no wings not sides beans On the other I should have another two large beans nothing,some of the dipping sauces was missing also my Pepsi!with two words halo of the this game I paid was missing
I wanted a zinger burger meal with Daredevil bites. I asked the staff to make it on the spot, I didn’t mind waiting 10/15 minutes. This guy aggressively started shouting at me! He kept saying “you are not special, all customers are equal to us. Stop this nonsense! Our food is always hot”. He literally was screaming and everyone was staring at me. The other staff members were laughing! Even while leaving, he didn’t stop shouting offensive/inappropriate words at me! Is this where KFC’s value lies? Is this how customers should be treated for simply asking for a hot meal? It wasn’t free! I was going to pay for it with my hard earned money! This is the Kfc staff member! I went back there and sneakily took a video, as soon as he saw me with my phone he started hiding himself!
Absolutely disgusting place. Nothing like a KFC. It needs shutting down after what I received. The staff clearly also have no care whatsoever. Avoid like the plague!!!!
Great for quick services but can be better with food deliveries to be torn apart whilst on delivery blame the delivery not kfc staff. Always love the food Food: 5/5
Service here isn't great half the menu isn't available. Slow service and staff got our order wrong and forgot to put it in the bag ended up having to go back for it. However some of the staff are very nice
Cold , dry , many hours left over chicken witch we pay very dear price
Ordered through UberEats, was delivered cold food and a lukewarm drink. Dips were put into the box meal box making them warm and surely contributing to my cold food. My can of drink placed in same bag as hot food. Burger had soggy lettuce and hardly any mayo, chips were sweaty and cold. Hot wings were cold, popcorn was stale and cold. Absolute waste of money.
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