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Ka Hing Kitchen
Address: 4300 Av Steeles E , Markham L3R 0Y5, ON, CA
Phone: (905) 940-0908
State: ON
City: Markham
Zip Code: L3R 0Y5

***TL;DR/THINGS TO KNOW*** - They do plastic utensils and cutlery, if you're environmentally cautious then this might not be a great place for you - The size of their noodle soup bowl is about 7 inches in diameter and ~4 inches deep I came here with my partner and got seated immediately, it was already quite full. The service was quite fast and we were in-and-out in under an hour. We ordered the House Special Beef brisket and the shrimp and chives wonton soup. I think given inflation and current dining pricing, the cost of these meals are actually on the cheaper end in comparison to other restaurants. It's a very no-frills kind of restaurant, and I generally have no complaints about the taste of the food. I do think, however, the stewed beef brisket house special was a bit expensive for the amount we were given and the plate it was served on $17 dollars for meager amount of meat served on a flimsy plastic plate doesn't sound very worth it to me Parking: Lots of parking, won't have any troubles
I have been searching for a nice Chiu Chow cuisine restaurant and finally found this one. It was my first visit to Hing’s Kitchen. The restaurant was very spacious and clean. Tables were kept in a good social distance. Their menu had a great variety. I enjoyed their Chiu Chow style marinated duck and beef tripe. The food was tasty and the portion was reasonable. They offered both dine in and take out. Will definitely go back and try other items on their menu next time.
The cuttlefish ball not so much taste. Overall food and service was ok when we went. Dessert was on promo to order/buy one get one free, we ordered to take out as we were full. We ordered the Black Sesame Sweet Paste and Walnut Sweet Paste, the black sesame is ok but not the walnut sweet paste, it's nearly tasteless.
I heard about Hing's Kitchen from a friend of mine who lives from out of town, must be good if this is something she recommends for breakfast in Toronto right? Had high expectations and Hing's Kitchen did not disappoint. My friends and I came here to order during the lockdown. We got there probably at the height of the lunch time and the orders seemed packed. There was a quite a queue in front of us for takeouts however the service was really friendly and surprisingly quick, to top it off the food made everything worth while. The Marinated ducks and chicken are definitely my favourite, marinated to the T, it definitely had a lot of flavour not just in the skin but the meat, and the quality of the meat was super juicy. The wontons had a lot of fillings, and the sesame paste was a really good dessert to have after the meal on a cold day. I am personally not a fan of super sweet dessert, so it fit my likings perfectly. Overall would definitely recommend, hoping to try out more marinated dishes when the restaurant opens back up.
Service is good and the foods are tasty. I ordered their famous duck and ginger chicken, they tasted good, the marinade beef shank and beef brisket were yummy. The egg fish & cuttlefish ball soup also tasty. The only thing I did not like as they used the the plastic containers for the food and drink, just like eat in the food court.
A Chiu Chow restaurant whose main course food will not let you down. Their performance is consistent. The chef is generous in giving beef offals and vegetables. The offals fully absorb the sauce and offer a good mixture of taste and texture. The pig liver is also soft and smooth. No wonder why people keep lining up outside this restaurant. My only criticism is that their sweet soup is too light in taste. It seems that the ingredients are not strong enough, not to mention the sweetness. A star is deducted for this reason.
This is a family restaurant and they have a unique approach to how things work - but it’s not personal and I think the negative reviews here of them r u justified. If you have been to similar styles of restaurant in Hk or other parts of asia, you will know that’s always how they operate. The food is good, price is on the high side definitely. I loved everything we have had and the white pepper pork belly soup is a must try.
This restaurant located inside the Canadain Tire plaza next to TD bank. Lot of parking Overall I like the food. I like the fish balls noodles, but the beef I found them a bit salty. Also the beef briskets on rice, if the rice was a bit softer, the whole will taste very good. The staffs are very nice. They use plastic one time container for the food. It is clean but it is not very environmental friendly. I will recommend this place for the fish ball noodles.
service was great! maybe we ordered the wrong items but the food was okay at best. the fishball soup had six fish balls in it and costed about $11. a bit ridiculous. i saw a lot of people order half a duck or chicken and they seemed to really enjoy it. perhaps consider those… probably won’t come back again as it’s hard to stand by the use of takeout serveware when we’re dining in.
The signature duck is pretty much the main starred item to order in the restaurant, which I ordered to take out. The duck is well made, they even included a small portion of the marinate as a dipping sauce. The dine-in rice noodles with pork meatballs is alright, no surprises. Points off for all disposable utensils and containers for dine-in customers. I'd re-visit again when they switch to more eco-friendly dinnerware.
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