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"We serve both the Chinese Hotpot and Korean BBQ Buffet! It is the only place you can enjoy both of them at the same time in Edmonton! A good choice for hotpot lovers and meat lovers! The Hotpot is served with individual pot and you can use our heating plate to grill your own meat, vegetables and seafood!"
Address: 10542 82 Avenue NW , Edmonton T6E 2A4, AB, CA
Phone: (780) 250-8098
State: AB
City: Edmonton
Zip Code: T6E 2A4

Opening Hours

Monday: 16:00-22:00
Wednesday: 16:00-22:00
Thursday: 16:00-22:00
Friday: 16:00-22:00
Saturday: 16:00-22:00
Sunday: 16:00-22:00

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The pork bone hotpot was really good, but damn that kbbq was better than places ive had in vancouver or toronto even. Really nice quality meat and the marinade is so good. Definitely best ayce bbq in edmonton. Will be back. Price is high but you get what you pay for i guess. It is odd how its $33/per person but you have to add $6-8 for hotpot.
If I could give a 0 out of 5 stars I would. HanShiFang was by far the worst hotpot experience I've ever had. Everything about the hotpot is aweful. Firstly, the hot pot bowl is absolutely ridiculous. Not only is it akwardly shaped for cooking, it forces the steam from the soup to be blasted onto your face. My friend almost passed out from the heat. The "grilling" surface is a gimmick and it takes forever for anything to cook because it is heated by the steam from the soup. Calling it a BBQ is a joke. The owners should be ashamed of themselves for claiming that customers can "enjoy hotpot & BBQ together". Secondly the food is way too salty. If you have high blood pressure problems, you might have to call an ambulance at the end of your meal. There is also way too much MSG in the soup. It's ridiculous. Seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if the restaurant owners never taste tested the soups and items. Lastly, the service is garbage. Our clumsy waitress managed to spill soup on two of my friends while placing the soup bowls on our table. We didn't even get an apology.... Then the clerk had the nerve to remind us to give tips when it was time to pay. The gall of these people is astonishing. I encourage everyone reading this review to stay away from HanShiFang. There are much better hot pot restaurants in Edmonton to spend your hard earned cash.
DON'T eat here or you will regret. Overprice for the low quality food, $32.99 plus 6.99 for broth. Stale kimchi, old vegetable with yellow leave and most of what we order didn't come. Four of us had to wait 25 minutes before our order came but only portion of what we ordered. We were told shrimps was being thawed so they only brought 4 plus another 10 shrimps 30 minutes later. I agree 100% with another reviewer. It's what they like to bring you and NOT all you can eat. I strongly recommend DON'T go. The quality and choice is not worth even $15.99. If you like hot pot there are many places way better and cheaper.
This place is really good, portion sizing is not standard they view your table and determine how much is good for your table, so if you put 1 most likely everyone at the table is gonna have enough. I mostly ate the bbq cause the seasoning was amazing very tasty. Surprisingly empty for how good it was.
Listen. It's the best kbbq in Edmonton. Don't get fool by the decor when you stepped in I was skeptical too... Service was very good he was very attentive and nice. The meat was so tender and marinated with good flavors. The Hot pot soup was very flavorful as well, I choosed the spicy soup and I was sweating like hell. One bad thing is their pop charged 3 dollars with free refill... But unfortunately the fridge was not working so none of their pop was cold .
Do not eat here. You will still be hungry after 3 hours. It's not all you can eat. It's whatever they want to serve you and whenever to serve you. Most of what we ordered never came. After repeatedly telling the server, small amount of meat came after hours of waiting. You would think raw sliced meat wouldn't take long to prepare. You'd be wrong. Get ready for one plate of thinly sliced meat every half an hour. What a scam. Still hungry after this all you can eat restaurant.
Wish I could give it higher because the food quality was actually great and the staff was nice. HOWEVER, service was so slowww even when there were only 2 tables. Less than half the food we ordered ever came out. Stayed for 3 hours without feeling full. Worse, it's much more expensive than other hotpot places.
A lot of the 1-star reviews before stemmed from the lack of BBQ when it's advertised as a 2 in 1 solution to your BBQ and hotpot cravings. I too had that concern initially, the owners made significant changes in their equipment and you can now grill yourself instead of watching the laborious steam attempting to BBQ. This along with individualialized hotpots were much needed. As always, the foods were fantastic with beef tendon consistently being my girlfriend and I's favourite. If you have not tried this new setup, you are missing out!
The food is good actually. But they will charge you very high rate tips like 18% without telling you. When you go to pay for your meal, they will give you the bill including the tips. You even don't have the chance to select how much tips you want to give!
Food was great tho pricing was a bit weird. Pay $35 which is fine but they add another price just for the soup with it. Other than that the staff was great
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