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For Your Eyes Only
Address: 563 King Street W @striptoronto , Toronto M5V 1M1, ON, CA
Phone: (416) 585-9200
State: ON
City: Toronto
Zip Code: M5V 1M1

Opening Hours

Monday: 18:00-02:00
Tuesday: 18:00-02:00
Wednesday: 18:00-02:00
Thursday: 18:00-02:00
Friday: 18:00-02:00
Saturday: 18:00-02:00

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Was a little skeptical about coming here, as I had a 'not so pleasant' experience about a year ago. From the service to the girls, my opinion completely changed. They now have entertainment menus outlining the cost of dances / dancer rate - which ensures that you are not going to be taken advantage of. The drink prices are good for the area and a strip joint and not once did I feel like a dirt bag. Definitely recommend.
Went to my friend's bachelor party Saturday night. Environment was lively, girls were all friendly and all easy to talk to. Waiter/ess were extremely helpful especially with the clubs etiquette with the light-up menu ordeal. Stage shows were fun, and there were various types of girls for anyone's specific preference. None of the girls were pushy or were "hustling" for those who are concerned with such stereotypes. I was able to talk to any of the girls I liked with ease. I would've complained about the price of drinks but it was fiji water or something like it @ $6.50 but for a high-end water or what appeared to beand domestic beer at almost $10 a bottle. But that's expected in strip clubs. Overall, would reccomend when with friends. Obviously bring lots of cash, even if you dont Intend to getting a dance. There will be a girl you would like. BRING MONEY. I have read the negative comments about girls aggressively forcing ppl for a dance, and I did see said aggression, but I firmly said "no" to the girls i didnt want, but i can see why people in the comment say that the girls were forcing them for a dance. I guess another negative thing that my friend experienced would be that he told me that there were bathroom attendants.
Great Atmosphere, hot women, good food and decent prices. Went here with a couple of buddies and had a great time. The server was great and all the dancers were hot. It sucks that they have mandatory coat check, but for a club that doesn't have cover it makes up for it. The prices for King St W and a strip club are good too.
Brought in a work colleague from the U.S. last night to show him a good time. He had never been to Canada and this was his first experience in a gentlemen's club in our amazing country. There were three of us guys total and shortly after four girls came over to talk to us I asked one of the girls to leave in an extremely polite and professional way so that we could enter a private room together with a ratio of 1:1 guys/girls. Well, that didn't sit well at all with the girl I asked to leave...she made a big scene she put a ton of pressure on my American colleague which resulted in a negative experience of the club overall. In fact, I stopped arguing with the girl and got a bouncer involved but he didn't seem to care that his co-worker was doing the exact opposite of taking care of the client. On top of that, the girl that was going to dance for me thought it was off-side to 'dismiss' the fourth girl. THIS IS NOT AN UNREASONABLE REQUEST. I've gone to this club a thousand times but loyalty never matters at this place. Go to the Brass Rail where the ladies are far better in looks and especially AND MOST IMPORTANTLY in attitude. Trust me, it's worth the short Uber ride up to Bloor Street. Management needs to keep these girls in check - customer is always right mentally goes a long way if you're looking to make $$$. Never going back and will make sure my entire circle of gentlemen with money to burn know about this experience.
Came down from Boston and stopped by this club with a few buddies a few days ago seemed pretty good, hot girls decent prices but then went to the washroom to be told by the bouncer to step outside for a moment looking over to the toilet I see some guy counting money and paying the bouncer the guy did a rail right in front of me guess that is how they stay in business they don't just offer booze and girls they offer party favors also! but all in all had a pretty good time but that just killed my night ^^
We went inside, payed for cover and as soon as we sat down the power went out. Eventually the server came over and still took our drink orders came back with our drinks. 2 minutes later this rude waitress came over and said we had to pay and leave. I completely understand them shutting down because there was no power but when i asked the waitress a simple question she was very rude and demanded we pay and told us they don't split bills. I will never go back and I will be telling my friends not to waste their time on this place. Get better waitress.
Premium service but you gotta pay premium price, but that's like any other gentleman's club. Bouncers are pretty cool and professional, other staff are good. The girls there are HOT though. I definitely had a good night.
Worst Strip Club I've ever Been too. Went here for my Bach. Party ... At Hooters we asked about strip clubs and the guy warned us that this one has rude girls and overall a bad place ... but it was really close so we decided just to give it a try ... this was a Thursday and they Charge $10. just to go in! WHAA ? on a Thursday ... then you have to pay for a Mandatory Coat check of $2.50 ... the Girls ... not good ... I mean not the worst I've ever seen overall but man ... when you pay $10 just to go in and $2.50 coat check and $8 for a Beer ... I want to see some hot girls ... not average to below average girls. friends also paid for a private dance for me which I don't care much for but I went and I did 2 songs and the girl was ohhh so nice until I told her I was not going to do HALF AND HOUR of a private dance ... she kept telling me she wants to do a half and hour and im like , I just wanted a dance or two ... she flipped a switch and turned into the biggest B* you could imagine telling me what a big F* waste of time this was and went back to my buddies to say what a P* I was ... I mean WOW ... not even worth my time of a response ... also the main stage is behind the bar so you cant even get close to the pervs row cause there isn't one ... the look of the place is nice though , but not really suited for a strip club ... maybe its better suited to be a Dance Club. Overall though I would NEVER, EVER go back to this piece of crap!
Terrible place. Not big. Expensive drinks. Cheap interior. Spoke to one girl for 5 mins. Said I wanted the "as advertised" $20 dance. She walked off. Waited 10mins and another girl came. We went for the $20 dance. Awful. She told me after that I should go somewhere else next time as this is a high class place.... erm... ok... the only good part was the barmaid was very nice to us. Will never go back. Worst strip club I've ever been to.
Girls were good but definitely not worth the money. Even with the poor FX rate, I still found the VIP rooms in Vegas cheaper not to mention much better quality dancers down there too. Over priced drinks were standard and expected. Not sure I'll return.
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