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Calle Mexico Food Truck
"Authentic Mexican Street Food"
Address: 6112 50 Street , Leduc T9E 6N7, AB, CA
Phone: (587) 938-4725
State: AB
City: Leduc
Zip Code: T9E 6N7

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Delicious, authentic Mexican food! Somehow the plastic plates and cheap decor just makes the experience feel even more authentic. The food was amazing. The service was quick. I would rate this a hidden gem of Edmonton. 10/10 fully recommend.
Delicious tacos and traditional Mexican cuisine! Even my sometimes picky kids love it! I’m also always impressed by how quick the service is. Super yummy!!
Affordable and delicious food, casual vibes, friendly staff. A great place to grab a quick meal. Can’t beat it! A word of warning: Their salsa is actually spicy. Their medium salsa is a white people hot or extra hot
Love this place! The food is always amazing no matter which location you go to. We were there with a group of 14 people and they were very patient with splitting the bill and all of us ordering and they kept all of our orders straight which was impressive. The food also came out ridiculously fast which was fantastic. Even the atmosphere was great. We of course were a fairly loud and excited group as this was a pre wedding bridal party celebration and it was fun being a small space with different people who were also super positive and interacting with our group through our dinner in a positive way.
This has always been my favourite place for authentic tacos in Edmonton. The original location most exceptionally. The restaurant is CLEAN feels authentic and staff is friendly and committed to providing great service. Jerry stood out to us as a great team player and had no problem stepping away from what he was doing a few times this evening to assist his coworkers and us with anything that was needed without hesitation. We did take out numerous times over covid and even ordered my birthday dinner here one year! The first time I remember coming to this location was with my grandmother who used to have her own car wash/taco place in Cancun, of course even she loved them and said the experience brought her back which is very special. 5 stars, without a second thought - thanks for an all around great experience, always! Calle 107 Edit: I almost forgot until I added the photos.. don't mind the steak asadas. I know its not everyone's preference but, I asked for extra cilantro because I love it and BOY DID THEY DELIVER
Went in for a quick meal and was not disappointed at all and warrants more visits in the future! The staff were just lovely! My friend and I tried the beef torta with the chicken tortilla soup, some horchatas, and churros to go! I really liked the salsa station i’m a fan of anything spicy so when they had some very spicy roasted habanero and some guacamole I already knew it was going to be good! The beef in the torta was perfectly marinated and seasoned. And the price per portion for the torta and the soup was good, worth it for sure as you get portions that are large in my opinion. I have a rule to always get tortilla soup if its on a Mexican restaurant’s menu and this was no exception! Don’t skip on the SOUP! It was really good! The horchatas were good as well! I was hoping the churros would be good but it was just ok, definitely needs the caramel sauce as it doesn’t stand on its own. I found parking on the street but be mindful that this might be a challenge if its busy. Overall, I would recommend this place for anyone looking for some good mexican food! Vegetarian options: Lots of different vegetarian options
I am torn to be honest! Hope you read all of my review. I been coming to this restaurant since it opened up, not sure if it changed owners or their expansion of two more locations hurt then. The only thing that saved my meal was the tacos al pastor, this you have to try, they are the best. The nachos were disappointing, the meet was Luke warm, cheese was not heated at all, chips were oily but Luke warm. I remember the meat being so tasteful and nice chunks of it as well. This time I must say it was disappointing on the food quality. The enchiladas were very blend, the chicken in them had no flavour, tasted like boiled chicken and the green sauce needed some help. Look.. I am Latino and I know Latin food. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to most small places when they expand; the quality changes and recipes are not followed. I am heart broken to be honest, I am hoping they maybe had a bad day. unfortunately, I had a bad meal on their west end location as well and this location was always on point until now. I will try it again and let you know how it goes. Nevertheless, please give it a try and let me know your thoughts. Like I said their tacos never disappoint, I can bouche for that 100%. Until next time #chicosreviews76
You will never regret eating at this place. The food tastes heavenly, perfect for mexican food cravings. I ordered beef barbacoa tacos and churros and jarritos guava for a drink. People who run the restaurant are extremely nice as well. I'm definitely going back!!!
Best Mexican restaurant I have been to, I even tried the surrounding Mexican restaurants and they do not even come close to this one. The food and price is all exceptional here. Another big bonus is the salsa bar, you can get as much salsa as you want for your food and they have different spice levels.
Calle is an unassuming restaurant located in what used to be a very rough part of town — always a recipe for good food! There is a good selection of tacos and other Mexican fare, and the prices are competitive; especially since you get four tacos for the price of three at other restaurants. My favourite feature of Calle is the salsa stand — I always like powerfully spicy salsas, and they have a fantastic habanero salsa that I really enjoyed with my el pastor tacos. In addition, they also have pickled onions available at the salsa stand too; fantastic! The only thing I would change are the beer prices; $7 for a bottle of Sol seems a little high to me.
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