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3 Food Street
"Rediscover your roots.Here at 3 we welcome you to our food street, a little taste of Pakistan right here in Mississauga.Our goal is to reawaken your palate by reintroducing it to the delicious dishes that are often dismissed as ordinary flavours.We are more then a curb-side eatery; Our restaurant is a gateway to Pakistani cultural and its wonderful flavours taking your taste buds on an adventure you've never imagined.Join us in our beautifully crafted eatery, and let our food street transport you back home, to rediscover these flavours for an unforgettable experience."
Address: 4700 Ridgeway Drive Unit 71 , Mississauga L5M 2R9, ON, CA
State: ON
City: Mississauga
Zip Code: L5M 2R9

Opening Hours

Tuesday: 19:00-01:00
Wednesday: 19:00-01:00
Thursday: 19:00-01:00
Friday: 19:00-03:00
Saturday: 19:00-03:00
Sunday: 19:00-00:00

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Good Pakistani street food. It was not anything revolutionary. But it's still a much better option for street food choices compared to other similar spots. I did not try the drinks which are next on my list to try. The decor is adorable and so so tacky! The experience seems to reflect authentic vibes but I would not be the best judge of this. Service was quick and friendly! Located on the Ridgeway facing side of this entire megaplaza.
We had dinner here tonight, food was so good, I loved the ambiance, felt like we were in Pakistan! Excellent service and so nice to have a place to go to that’s open past 10pm!
I have been here twice now food consistency definitely needs works. the rolls tasted differently both times second time around it was better. The paratha for the roll is good not like your regular roti fried in oil but an actual paratha. the dahi ballay chat was very spicy. Masala fries were 5/5 also for the rolls i would hope they use red onions the yellow ones are off putting. price and portions are both good. if they play pakistani music only it would be even better. it hurts a little to see the amount of one time use plastic being used all across the board. i hope they can look into alt options.
Loved the decor! So unique! Service was ok considering it was really busy! Chai was probably 5/5 the best so far compared to all the new chai places. dahi Bhallay were scrumptious! Would def go back to try the other items on the menu. Nice hang out for street food and drinks. Would be nice to have some traditional instrumental music to go with the decor in the background. Ample parking. Btw loved the tray you bring the drinks and food in! Could not take more pictures as I would have invaded the privacy of other customers.
Bit too Late to write a review, but it’s never too late and honestly they deserve it! I went there couple of days back and even though their menu was had all the street food items but fasla juice caught my attention and couldn’t help myself but to order it besides this order gol gappay, chaat papdi, Malai boti roll and last but not the least their kheer. Let’s begin with falsa juice to my surprise I was expecting some frozen berries to be blended and presented to me but OH MY GOD the first sip I took it took me straight to Karachi food street. Man that day I realized how long it has been since I had false juice. And let’s hop on to Gol Gappa I wish my words could do justice but believe me when I ate the first gol Gappa with that tamarind water in it, the flavours just blew my mind away. However the filling wasn’t fancy it was simple potatoes and chickpea but all the magic was in that water. Chaat papdi and malai roll was pretty good too however they could do better by making chaat papdi bit more saucy and spicy too my preference and let’s not forget the firni in the end. It was served to us in a clay pot and it was perfect just as that! Cold, moderate sweet and the good thing was the rice in it was well cooked and wasn’t mushy at all. Since I’m a foodie and I loveee food it’s always my mission to find good flavourful food with exceptional presentation. Not to forget they did an amazing job on the ambiance of the restaurant too!
I went to buy food for take out and chose the daal bun kabab and chicken tandoori roll. Honestly the food was way below par. The spice level in the burger was high and the taste was nothing compared to the Karachi street food. The roll was the worst. Spicy and no taste at all. My wife started had it and ending up getting food poisoning. The service was really slow too. Normally you would expect pickups to be served quickly but it was really disappointing. The ambiance was good but the place smelled of fish. A very bad experience for the items we tried.
Good spot! I would consider this place a fast food. The quality of food was good and the service was on point. The menu is Pakistani and the food taste is reflective. The chai comes in awesome matka style cups Kid-friendliness: Have food and drinks for kids Parking: Lots of parking
Like the food ordered bun kabab. It was great. Kashmiri Chai was good too. Will visit next time to try more options.Food: 5/5
Saw this on tiktok had to come try it. It appears to be much larger on video but there is ample amount of seating available. People were sitting outside with their own beach chairs. The different station 3D art work, Pakistani flags all around was a vibe. The menu consists of freer food chaat, rolls, bun kabob, lassi, falsay juice, crushed ice & chai The prices are decent rolls ranging between $7-$9 Malai boti roll was good! Not too greasy the Parthia was delicious. The chicken poutine was our favourite. The chaat was flavourful. Matkha chai is absolutely delicious!
Amazing food, for being open for only 2 weeks the food was amazing, it's organized and the service fast and friendly. The quantity is great too. I hope they can maintain this quality and service in the future. Wish them all the best!
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